Flag Therapy

Summer has arrived in all its splendour. I must confess that the intense heat of summer defeats me, I cannot lie on the beach and get a tan. Physically I am just too light. What happens is that I first get even more freckles and then I burn. Painful blisters and then after a few days my skin starts to peel off. The result is very pale skin with freckles. And the heat just exhausts me. It is not at all invigorating. I’ve heard people say that the heat of summer takes away all signs of winter depression. I cannot identify with that because I don’t suffer from winter depression. I like winter, I can function in the cold.


Anyway, summer is here and I have to make the most of it. My garden likes summer and as long as I’ve given it enough water, everything is good. I picked my first blueberry – yes blueberry – there was one that was ripe. I offered to share it with my handyman, but he declined and I ate one whole blueberry. It was succulent and delicious. My patty pan squash are also ripening. It is so wonderful to see how they grow. Huge leaves guarding the flowers and the fruit from the heat and from prying eyes. Another of the wonders of nature. I picked the first bush beans of the second planting and they are just beautiful. Everything in my garden is thriving, even the heirloom tomatoes which had been lagging behind. I transplanted them and then cut the middle section out of 5 litre plastic bottles to make little enclosures. It seems to have done the trick and most of them have doubled in size.


This week one of the girls that works for us at the shop was very loud about something that grieved her. There was a disagreement between the staff regarding their Christmas stokvel.
(in South Africa) a savings or investment society to which members regularly contribute an agreed amount and from which they receive a lump sum payment –
Now I actually agree that she had a legitimate reason to be unhappy but it was really not worth making a scene about. I grabbed a wooden spoon, tied a dishcloth to one end and started waving it about. I told her, “look, here’s a flag.” I put it into her hand and she started waving it and as she did a smile lit up her face. I told her, “Next time she’s upset about something just wave a flag, and while you’re waving the flag just thank Jesus for everything that’s good.”



Flags equal happiness!



“And everything that’s not good.” added one of the other ladies. Smiles and laughter all around, potentially bad situation diffused. I told my son and he has dubbed it ‘flag therapy’. Flags do have a profound effect though. I think I’m going to have to do a little study on the value of flags. Every country has one, flags are used to represent numerous organisations and they are seen on poles all over the place. People wave them when kings and queens pass by and at rugby and soccer matches. Worship dancers use flags extensively. There’s just something that happens to you when you have a flag in your hand. I’ve never seen anyone looking sad while they are waving a flag.

I have started painting a Christmas tree on a piece of hardboard to put up at the shop because we don’t have the space for a real one. It should probably have been up already but I reckon as long as its up before Christmas everything will be OK. If its not OK I will just pick up a flag and wave it around and then everything will definitely be fine!


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