My friend Joan passed away peacefully. I know she’s in a better place. I know she was totally prepared for dying. She had battled cancer for some years and she knew. She knew what was coming.

But … my heart aches so much. Even though I know she’s pain free and she’s in heaven. I’m glad that she isn’t suffering anymore and that her life can be celebrated. Our friendship began in primary school and after she left that school and went to a boarding school we wrote letters to each other for a while but eventually lost contact. Many years later I found her on Facebook and we took up our friendship an caught up on all the years in between. She led a remarkable life having grown up on a farm in South Africa and then, as a young woman emigrated to Australia with her family. She was a wonderful daughter, wife, mother and friend. Everyone who knew her loved her. That was just how she was – she was loveable. Always positive and inspired and passionate. Joan had such a wide range of interests and passions. From teaching to geocaching to family history to quilting. No matter what she did she worked at it with every fiber of her being.

I think that maybe earth couldn’t contain all her passion. This world as we know it was too small for everything she embodied. A week before she passed away, when she was very, very ill, she was planning a friendship quilt. Selfless right up to the end.

Joan I will love you for ever and I miss you dearly. You are at peace my friend.


4 thoughts on “Eulogy

  1. Bev Lovemore says:

    Thank you for this beautiful eulogy. She was a cousin I never met but have been close facebook friends from 2009, we played Farmville (we were so addicted – when it closed for awhile, we left) she was an extra ordinary woman who did ordinary things with love xxx

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    • spaceforagarden says:

      Hi Bev. Lovely to meet you. I think Joan was my first “real” friend. She and I were in the hostel together in Alexandria for a few years before she went to Helderberg. I still laugh when I think of a letter she wrote me from Helderberg and she started it: “Hello Stupid”. She could do things like that and get away with it – and still stay friends.

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