I have been busy with a lot of things and I haven’t had time to focus enough to write my blog. Maybe my mind has been busier than my hands. A friend who I look up to has been diagnosed with a life threatening condition. She is a committed believer and such an example to me especially now. As always she is positive and lives every day to the full. 

I have been thinking about how people react to bad news. How should I handle situatsions that are beyond my control? The answer I get is one little word – hope. Instead of trying to explain it I wrote this poem. 

To live in hope is to be free

From the bondages the world creates for us

So that we can see

Beyond everything life expects 
Hope is the heart that beats

When everyone has given up on us

Hope is the smile that greets

Even when sadness and grief overwhelms
To have hope is to stand up and face

The day that brings us evil

Without thinking of the place

We have been – just looking forward
Hope is the tiny flickering flame

That was planted in the heart

On the day when we became

The plan God made for us
To see hope is the biggest gift

That we can ever receive

For it gives our spirits a lift

And strengthens out faith
Hope never dies

Not even when our bodies do

Hope never lies

Not even when our minds do

Camille sleeping on the couch – I think we all ought to take time out and just chill. 

2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. bev1000 says:

    Thank you for a beautiful poem. It lifts the spirit xxx
    Can I send you a picture of one of our dogs at our animal sanctuary, her name is Hope.


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