Cast your vote

The votes have been cast and are still being counted. Different people have different expectations. Some people didn’t vote and still hope that their future will be better. A lot of Christians fasted and prayed for a righteous outcome. I believe God is ultimately in control and even if the result isn’t what we expect, He already knows and has planned accordingly.

More than two thousand years ago there was a very important vote that went out.

Luke 23:13 – 25 Then Pilate, when he had called together the chief priests, the rulers, and the people, said to them. “You have brought this Man to me, as one who misleads the people. And indeed, having examined Him in your presence, I have found no fault in this Man concerning those things of which you accuse Him; no, neither did Herod, for I sent you back to him; and indeed nothing deserving of death has been done by Him. I will therefore chastise Him and release Him.” (for it was necessary for him to release one to them at the feast). And they all cried out at once, saying, “Away with this Man, and release to us Barabbas” – who had been thrown into prison for a certain rebellion made in the city, and for murder. Pilate, therefore, wishing to release Jesus, again called out to them. Bu they shouted, saying, “Crucify Him, Crucify Him!” Then he said to them the third time, “Why, what evil has He done? I have found no reason for death in Him. I will therefore chastise Him and let Him go.” But they were insistent, demanding with loud voices that He be crucified. And the voices of these men and of the chief priests prevailed. So Pilate gave sentence that it should be as they requested. And he released to them the one they requested, who for rebellion and murder had been thrown into prison; but he delivered Jesus to their will.

We are able to look back at this and subjectively say that it was the right thing to do. We know all the prophecy of the Old Testament and we know the resulting victory. We know that because Jesus was crucified, we can have eternal life by believing in Him. We know, because we can look back. But the people who were there at that time did not have the benefit of hindsight. They were living in real time and it must have been the most devastating atrocity ever. The family and disciples of Jesus were heartbroken and their spirits were defeated. This was the end.

Life works like that. We get into a situation where we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes we cannot even see the tunnel because of the complete darkness that exists. We believe that we have been totally abandoned and that everything we have is lost. Body, soul and spirit we are in a place of absolute and utter defeat.

But look what God did. The vote was cast for the wrong party! Barabbas, who was a murderer, was set free yet Jesus, who had no sin, was crucified. How unfair is that? But God. God turned the wrong around and made it bright and beautiful, and He shone His Glory into the black tunnel. Suddenly hope sprouted, new life became evident. The stone was rolled away and the grave was empty. The finality which that vote had caused, was annulled. The devil had planned that evil would rule the world. He thought that he would be able to carry out his agenda without interference. He thought that he had the victory. But God. God had other plans. God knew exactly what He was allowing. He was in charge.

Revelation 20:10 The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

God was in charge two thousand years ago and God is in charge today. He knows why things happen the way they happen. He has plans that we can’t always discern and He loves His children with an everlasting love. Whatever happens in this election, and in your life, however things may look, remember that two thousand years ago a vote was cast so that you might have life, and have it in abundance.

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