Yesterday, today and forever

Yesterday a supplier delivered some soft drinks to our shop which had already reached their sell-by date. It’s a major inconvenience because now we have to wait until next week before there’s another delivery and we can’t get replacements before then. Food and drink expires all the time. Every now and again there’s a modern remake of a movie which had effectively reached its sell-be date. People are forced to retire from their jobs at the age of 60, regardless of their physical and mental ability. Clothing and furniture goes out of fashion and are updated all the time. I won’t even start on technology. Computers, cell phones and the like are constantly being upgraded. Getting ‘an upgrade’ has become part of our language.

The one thing that never changes is the Word of God. The Bible never needs to be updated or upgraded. There are various translations but the original meaning is still there.

Revelation 22:19,  and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

Psalm 89:34, My covenant I will not break, Nor alter the word that has gone out of My lips

1 Peter 1:24-25, Because “All flesh is as grass, And all the glory of man as the flower of the grass.

The grass withers, And its flower falls away, But the word of the Lord endures forever.” Now this is the word which by the gospel was preached to you.

According to tradition Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Bible. Moses lived about 3500 years ago.  Nobody is allowed to change the Bible so that it suits them. It doesn’t matter if someone thinks they have had a visitation from an angel or from God Himself – whatever he learns from that is good, but it cannot be added to the Bible and the writings cannot be altered.  It has been the same since it was first written. There aren’t any updates and changes that come out periodically.

God is also always the same.

Malachi 3:6, For I am the Lord, I do not change; Therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob.

Revelation 1:8, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End,” says the Lord, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”

James 1:17,  Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

Hebrews 13:8, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

If we look around us at the changing sceneries, even nature changes daily. We have been observing strange weather patterns. Seasons that don’t feel like the seasons they’re supposed to be. People who decided that they don’t need to believe in God anymore because they’re modern and they don’t need God. School syllabuses that change all the time to suit changing needs. All these things are happening daily but we don’t need to worry or stress about them because we are children of the God who never changes and whose Rule Book never changes. We have the comfort of knowing that tomorrow morning when we wake up we aren’t going to be confronted by a bunch of rules which have suddenly changed. He won’t decide during the night that He doesn’t love some of us anymore and reject us because we have done something He doesn’t like, or because He simply doesn’t feel like putting up with us anymore.

Not at all! We have the promises He put in the Bible that we can rely on and that always have, and always will be the same. We have the assurance, that because Jesus died for us, we never have to stress about anything. All we have to do is give it to Him and He will take care of it. He is so big and mighty and awesome and powerful and we are His children and He loves us. What more could we ask for?

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