God’s Love

God’s love

If the Wise Men who brought gifts to the new born King

Had lived in the times of now

They might have needed visas and passports

And enough money for fuel

They would have had to rely on Google Maps

And a very good GPS

But all they had was a star.

If the shepherds who went to worship the new born King

Had lived in the times of now

They might have had to stop off at a drive through

To buy some burgers and chips

Because everyone knows that a man needs to eat

Even if he just goes a little way

But they had heard the angels sing.

If the innkeeper had known that the couple

He turned away from his door

Would be the parents of the Saviour of the world

He might have changed his mind

About letting them in and found a room

Maybe a room with a view

But all he gave was a shack.

If Herod had known that Jesus was not a threat

If just he had known

He could have embraced the salvation that was free for all

And been loved by his people

Instead of being hated and dying a hideous painful death

Before his appointed time

If only he had known.

It doesn’t matter who says the prayer

Or lays on the hands

It doesn’t matter who the anointing belongs to

Or who the visiting prophet is

It doesn’t matter how big the venue is

Or how many people attend

Because it’s God who does the healing.

If we were to open the doors of our hearts

And allow the love to God

To saturate every little corner, even the dark ones

The change in us would be visible

Brighter than the sun and moon and all the stars

That bring light to a broken world

Because its Jesus who does the saving.

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