Comfort Zone


Why does everyone react with fear to the word ‘diet’? Well, I suppose it is a 4 letter word but there are a lot of 4 letter words that nobody even bats an eyelid at anymore. They have been used so often and so publically that they have become part of everyday language. People have become desensitized to them. That’s actually really terrible but why isn’t the same thing true about the ‘d’ word?




Firstly it takes us out of our comfort zone – and we don’t like being out of our comfort zones. Comfort zones are comfortable and nice and easy. Comfort zones aren’t like a worn-out couch with the springs that are popping out and sticking your rear end every time you sit down. They aren’t like a bed of nails that’s going to hurt you every time you move. Not at all. That’s why we don’t like getting out of our comfort zone. Food is even named after it – comfort food – it should be called comfort zone food. When you don’t feel well your first reaction is often to reach for some starchy, sweet, sticky familiar food and feed your unwellness.




Now someone mentions that your girth is growing or you double chin has doubled up. Your bathroom scale groan when you step on it as if you had dome it some bodily harm. The dreaded word starts to form in your head and you immediately go into denial. There’s no way you need to lose weight, you convince yourself that there is something wrong with your scale and that your friends need glasses. But it just won’t go away. The scary little word keeps following you around and each time you open a magazine or go onto the net and you see the skinny bodies in bathing costumes and you know that your belly fat will be flopping over the edges of that miniscule piece of fabric. When you buy a chocolate bar at your local supermarket the cashier’s eyes widen ever so slightly. Your husband starts buying you diet soda and when you ask him about it he shrugs and says he didn’t realize it was sugar free.




All the signs are plain to see. You have to make a plan. But the pull of your comfort zone is so strong. It’s like a drug, a habit, something you just can’t leave behind. We all know that feeling. What you have to do is see it as a challenge. Make a decision that eating healthy food is going to be the new normal. Don’t call it a diet, call it and eating plan or a lifestyle or you could invent a brand new word that’s going to make you sound super cool when you tell your friends. Just get out of that comfy chair and face the big ‘D’, take it by the horns and face up to it. Don’t let it rule you and intimidate you. You can do this. You can get out of your comfort zone and not only if you need to go on a diet, but with whatever you want to do.




A healthy alternative?