I purchased a bluetooth keyboard for the sole purpose of blogging. The salesman told me that it would work with a tablet but not with my smartphone.  When I asked him what the difference between a tablet and a smartphone were the look he gave me was “Really? You don’t know?”  Then one of the girls at the back of the shop said, “A tablet is big and a phone is small.”

I decided  to buy the keyboard anyway because although I’m 50-something and I  don’t hide my grey hair, I don’t think I’m completely clueless when it comes to technology.  Well, as it turns out I’m  using the bluettooth keyboard (with my phone) to type right now and I didn’t need to ask a teenager to set it up for me. 

Why do younger people automaticlly think that when you reach a certain age you loose your mind and any ability to use technology? I do realise that a lot of young people do know more than I do, and I respect that knowledge.  I also hope that in their quest to learn about new things they will not neglect learning about old things too.  I always thought that History was the most boring school subject.  I know that it had a lot to do with the lack of enthusiasm on the part of the teacher.  I recently read the book ‘Assegaai’ by Wilbur Smith and suddenly I had a revelation about people and their loyalties. This book is historical fiction but a lot of it is historically correct. After the Anglo Boer War the Afrikaners were very upset with England.  Their women and children had been kept in concentration camps and a lot of them had lost their lives as a result of disease. When the First World War was imminent most Afrikaners were more than willing to side with Germany –  because they hated England and not necessarily because they approved of what Germany stood for. The same thing is happening today.  A lot of people vote for political parties based on what happened during the last 20 years and not on what the current situation is. 

The other book I read is a by Dr Peter Hammond called ‘Sketches from South African History’ which I found absolutely fascinating.  To learn more about Dr Hammond and his ministry go to

On a lighter note – my apple tree is growing – its so small, I wonder if I could call it a treelet?