The Colour of Kindness

​The Colour of Kindness
What is the colour of being kind?

What tone and shade does it call to mind?

Can kindness be captured in a hue?

Something as simple as purple or blue?
The rainbow seven colours does own,

But in kindness much more than that is shown.

In word or deed, in every little thing you do,

Your attitude shows if your heart is true.
A touch or a word as sweet as honey

Can mean much much more than a lot of money.

A friend who in grief can hold your hand,

An ear that can listen and understand.
Colours are wonderful, colours are good,

Colours can even change your mood.

But kindness really knows no bounds,

It can not even be defined by sounds.
Bursting out of the darkness like Spring

With colours so glorious, that sing

Even sweeter than birds at dawn.

Those are the colours that kindness has borne. 

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