Dragons Breathe Fire


Yesterday we had an amazing church service. The visiting preacher is a businessman who spoke about how he learned not to worry while his business was in dire straits. It was an interesting topic for me because it has been something that the Lord has really placed on my heart lately. I am inspired and motivated by what he said. Something he mentioned was that God gives us enough grace for today. He gives us what we need to handle today’s problems, we must not be concerned about tomorrows problems. I like to know the how of things but even more than that, I like to know the why of things. Why shouldn’t we worry about tomorrow? Just because God says so? I asked the Holy Spirit to show me why, to paint a picture for me in a way that I can understand. And He did.


Let’s suppose you are a traveller who is taking a trip to a distant place. You are riding a horse and you have a precious cargo to deliver. This was a long time ago, like a once-upon-a-time story. You know that there is a dragon in a cave about a days journey away, and that cave is on the road that you have to take. You don’t know of any other road to get to where you have to go. You don’t have any weapons and your horse isn’t trained to be calm around dragons. Dragons breathe fire and eat people and horses, so you have a problem. I forgot to add that you are a Christian and you do have a relationship with Jesus.


You pray and ask Jesus to keep you safe on your journey, and you feel the peace that He really is listening to you and is telling you to go ahead, but you still worry about the dragon and you start to make plans to avoid it. You find out from someone you meet on the way that there is a very steep, dangerous footpath you can take to bypass the dragon cave. Your horse won’t be able to take that path so you will have to travel further by yourself and also carry whatever you have. You decide to take the detour and you have a very difficult journey. You run out of water and food and by the time you reach your destination you are sick and have to spend a long time recuperating.


What you did not know is that if you had prayed and left your journey in God’s hands this is what would have happened:


You ride your horse right past the dragon’s cave and as you pass the cave, you hear a great commotion. Your curiosity gets the better of you and you quietly creep closer and take a peek inside the cave. As you are looking a knight in shining armour comes staggering out of the cave with a sword covered in green goo. (Apparently dragons have green blood) He killed the dragon but was injured in the process. You cover his wounds and let him ride your horse while you walk alongside. When you reach the next town you are both welcomed as heroes and he shares with you the reward he gets for killing the dragon.


Now in the first scenario you made your own plan because you did not totally trust God. In the second instance you said, “God, I know there’s a dragon, but because You told me to trust You and not worry about tomorrow, I am going to listen to You.”


Proverbs 3:5-6, Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths.


We have to learn to trust that God has already made a plan for tomorrow. We also have to remember that even though we might think that we know what is going to happen tomorrow, we do not. We have to take tomorrow and leave it in God’s hands. In this story God had already made a plan for tomorrow, a brilliant plan in which you were the winner, but you forgot that wherever you go, He has already been. He is not going to give you His plans for tomorrow. He gives you enough grace for today, enough courage and strength and patience and peace for today. Tomorrow’s share comes with tomorrow. If you make your own plans because of all your anxiety you mess up His plans and He cannot give you what He planned to give you!


So we HAVE TO stop worrying about the future because it doesn’t belong to us, it’s God’s and it’s in His hands. He loves us and He is making it good for us.


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